Directors Message
(Smt. Rukmani Gupta)
Dear Parents,

Our Passion
 – "To Unleash the Potential in Your Child…"
The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.
Many a time we are beset by the question: How much of learning is education, and how much is information? There have been many opinions on the best way to educate children, and to sift information from education, but none conclusive enough to enable educationists to implement tools to really home in on what constitutes education and provide it in ample measures to the insatiable curiosity of children.

Principal Message

(Smt. Ritu Gupta)
Dear Parents,

Smt. Ritu Gupta Strongly feels that education is not only an instrument to develop the total personality of the child helping him to realize his potential but also a medium to transform the global society into a caring, collaborative and responsible unit of cultured individuals. She believes in an education which would array the children in an armor of invincible physical prowess, inquisitive intellect, daring spirit and constructive attitude, education which is not acquired but discovered and experienced, which elevates man from materialism to spiritualism.

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Summer timing (From April to October)

Play group 8.00AM-12.00PM

Nursery to 3rd 8.00 AM-1.00PM

Winter Timing (From November to March)

Play group 9.00AM- 1.00PM

Nursery to 3rd 9.00 AM-2.00PM


Saturday will be off for play group.

Every month 2nd Saturday will be a holiday.

Last Working day will be Parents-Teachers Meet.